Yearbook Info

1. Yearbooks will be delivered to the classroom on 6/11. This is the list that we have of all orders. Please check this list to make sure that you ordered a yearbook. 

2. If you do not see a photo of your child in the yearbook, is it because you signed a MCPS opt out form at the beginning of the school year? 

3. If you wish to order your yearbook now, Liza Ford has kindly offer to do one final order. You must use this form and follow the instructions. 

4. Before you send us a question, please make sure you read this post completely as well as the form!

5. If you think that you paid for a yearbook and your name is not on the list, please find your email confirmation if you ordered online or a copy of your check and email us at <[email protected]> and CC Liza <[email protected]> with the information. Please contact us before 6/15/2015 at 4 pm. Thank you.

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