Writing a testimony or comment to offcials

Here are some tips to improve your communication to elected officials from www.ascd.org/actioncenter.

• Demonstrate respect and courtesy, no matter what. "Dear Mr. Barclary and Members of the Board of Education"

• Stress the fact that you are a constituent in the subject or  first line. "I am a homeowner in the City of Rockville and a parent at Beall E.S."

• If your e-mail refers to a specific bill, identify it in the subject line. In this case it is, "Superintendent's CIP Recommendation 2013-2018"

• Personalize the e-mail by including the name of your local school or school district and explain how the policy will affect your community. (e.g., "I am concerned with the long standing issue of overcrowding at Beall E.S.")

• State your opinion and your specific request within the first or second sentence. (i.e. "I support the Superintendent's CIP recommendation to build RM Cluster Elementary School #5”

• Include your address; your elected official will want to know that you are a constituent.

• If you have any personal association with policymakers, remind them.  Nothing is more effective in getting a policymaker’s attention.

Finally, send your snail mail letter to:
Montgomery County Board of Education
Carver Education Services Center
850 Hungerford Drive, Room 123
Rockville MD 20850

Alternatively, email letter/testimony/comments to the BOE can be sent to [email protected]. All Board members will receive the message. Please CC it to [email protected] so we know that you sent BOE a comment.

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