Top 10 reasons to volunteer at Beall

Read this list then click over to sign up.  You'll never guess what the #1 reason is!!

10. Teachers get to teach more effectively. When you help out with all the tasks that take up the teachers’ time like copying, sorting, putting homework into folders, cutting out game pieces or just giving a spelling test, you are allowing the teachers to do what they do best: teach!

9. You’ll learn the name of the Dragon. Hint: her name starts with the letter B.

8. Your children will do better in school and enjoy school more.

The National Education Association’s (NEA) statistics show that school-aged children whose parents have high levels of involvement in their schools, are more likely to earn high grades and less likely to have ever repeated a grade.

7. Children see that you care about their education.

6. You will feel more connected in the community.

5. You will meet more people… some you really wonder about.

4. At least 30 students will smile at you and greet you, “Hi, [Fill in your kid’s name] Mom!” or “Hello, [Fill in your other kid’s name] Dad!”

3.  You will enjoy the diversity of Beall’s student population. You may learn how to say hello in 5 other languages.

2. You will bond with your child and her teacher.

1. The school, teachers, staff, students and other parents really appreciate you!

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