Dr. Starr's Recess Participation Guideline

From Kristin Trible, MCCPTA President 11/30/11:

Background: During several Listen and Learn events, Superintendent
Starr stated that recess should never be denied. At our own MCCPTA
program with Dr. Starr on November 22, he was forthright in admitting
that there was not a MCPS policy on participation in recess and that
there were actually some valid circumstances in utilizing or denying
recess to students.

In response to the many queries (from both parents and principals alike)
on denying recess, the Chief School Performance Officer prepared the
referenced memo. It provides for exceptions that would allow denying or
utilizing recess time, such as misbehavior at recess and academic
interventions. Parents should note the statement that "Conversations
should be held with a student's parent/guardian to gain his/her
agreement for this additional academic assistance during recess time."

Click here to download the memo from MCPS.

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