Say NO to Proposed Shift of Pension Funding on to Counties

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We are now in the midst of budget season and are in need of your voices.  The primary concern that is facing all counties in Maryland right now is the Governor's proposal to shift the cost of teacher pensions to the counties. There is some support within the Maryland General Assembly for this least until they hear from you!

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Why advocate?

  • Shifting the cost of teacher pensions to the counties will cost Montgomery County $47 million next year, $61 million the following year, and $71 million the year after that. 
  • The school budget, as well as many other county services, have seen large cuts in recent years and the county cannot absorb this additional expense.  MCCPTA included opposition to a pension shift in its Legislative Platform
  • The state pension fund is underfunded due to actions by the state to include "corridor funding" that set aside less money for pensions than was recommended.  Further, the state improved benefits in 2006 without providing additional funds to pay for them.
  • Our school system saw major reductions last year. While we will not see restoration of those cuts in the next school year, the hope was that by August of 2013, the system might be able to start restoring those valuable positions.  That likely will not occur if counties have to include pension funding in their budgets.
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How to Advocate?
We need many voices on this.  Please take the time and initiative to encourage your community to take one (or more) of several routes to share their opposition to the pension shift:

Tuesday, February 28, 10:30am  

Council Hearing Room, third floor,  

Council Office Building, 100 Maryland Avenue.  


Thank you in advance for your efforts!

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