Mixed Bag Designs order continues online!

You all are AMAZING!  Thank you to everyone for their overwhelmingly positive response to the PTA Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser.  We are still crunching numbers and will have a grand total for everyone soon, but this was a solid repeat performance. WELL DONE! But the party’s not over yet!  If you just didn’t get around to it or weren’t sure what to order, you can still go to www.mixedbagdesigns.com, use the Beall Elementary School ID #103513 and place your order online between now and December 31st.  You will need to pay your own shipping, but your bags will be shipped directly to your home.  If you order by December 4th you can still get your bags in time for Christmas and the New Year… FYI! Hanukkah starts before Thanksgiving, so if you are looking for gifts to arrive in time you may be able to get them just under the wire if you order today!

When ordering, you don’t just have think of yourself (although you should…you deserve it!), think about how you might be able to give that avid knitter a grocery store bag filled with some new yarn, that favorite soccer coach a duffle bag, or how much your little dancer would love a new bucket tote to carry all her tutus and toe shoes. The bags fold flat and are easy to store, so stock up for your future gift-giving occasions.  Also, consider forwarding this email to family members and friends across the country…doesn’t matter where the order comes from, so long as they use our ID # 103513 Beall will get the credit.  Thanks again for all your support and we can’t wait to see everyone sporting their new bags in just a few short weeks!

Questions? Contact: Kate Chai-Onn <[email protected]>

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