Link Your Supermarket Cards

Don't forget to register your Safeway card with eScrip and use eScrip for your shopping! Please also register your Giant, Harris Teeter and Target cards to help raise money for your PTA and for your school!

Click here to download the "Painless Fundraisers" document. 

Otherwise, click thru for instructions to complete the process on your own.

Safeway's eScrip program starts in September and requires that you RE-ENROLL each year so that these Safeway funds can be dedicated to your chosen school. 

If you have not ever registered your card, you can go to and click on blue tab “members/supporters” at top left and then click on “sign up” tab at top left. 

  1. Follow prompts for selecting Beall
  2. Enter name/address etc.
  3. Select Safeway card and enter your card number
  4. Enter any additional credit cards you’d like to include (optional-proceed to next step)
  5. Enter any retail and gift cards (optional-proceed to next step)
  6. Review and submit information

If you have registered your card in the past, eScrip prefers that you update it online. You can

  1. Go to and click on either top left tab that says “members/supporters” or bottom left tab that says  “Renew now” and follow the prompts.
  2. If you happen to have saved the registration that eScrip sent you initially, you can use that user ID and password to renew support.

Each year in October, Giant starts its A+ BonusBucks program and Giant BonusCardholders are required to RE-SUBMIT their BonusCard information to earn funds for Beall. 

 Go to the website:

  1. On the bar on left hand side, click on the tab “register your card”
  2. Follow the prompts
  •    Enter the first three letters of last name the card is registered under
  •    Enter your Giant Card number (the 12 digits on the back)
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