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Dear Dragon Families --

Wow! We're one month now into the school year. How time flies when you are rushing little people out of the door every morning! If you are ever in doubt of what is going on in or around school, check out the school's website or our website! It's updated all the time! 

New Officer!
Beall PTA welcomed a new officer this past week! Sunny Hedgecock will join us as VP of Communications as soon as she's finished with the print version of the School Directory which should be coming home in a couple of weeks to Beall PTA members. If you are a member, you should already have access to the online version and app. Please email Sunny <[email protected]> if you are not able to get in online.

After School Programs
We hope that you have been able to take advantage of Beall PTA sponsored activities like after school classes to keep your children fit and engaged. We're working on more classes for the winter session. If you have suggestions or comments, please email them to Rachael Wong <[email protected]>.

Membership Update

Beall PTA is currently 240 members strong! We have a few more members to get to reach out to before we beat last year's 318! So don't forget to become a member today!


Questions, comments, interested in volunteering? Email us <[email protected]> or check out specific email addresses of Board Members at

Mixed Bag Fundraiser
Hey, did you know that our first PTA fundraiser Mixed Bag is coming back by popular demand??? YUP! Kate Chai-Onn <[email protected]> and her team will be sending home the catalogs by the middle of October. So get ready to do your holiday shopping! The catalog features new items for everyone's tastes and styles. Don't forget to check it out and let your friends, family and office mates know about Mixed Bag.

What does Beall PTA pay for???
Want to know all the things that your PTA pays for with these fundraisers (what's more fun than clipping Labels for Education from your Kleenex boxes)??? See the full list here or go to the first PTA meeting on 10/1 and see the full proposed budget and put in your ten cents!

October is full of PTA events so please check out our events calendar at and RSVP for those that provide childcare.

  • First PTA General Membership Meeting 10/1 @ 7 pm
  • Dine Out Night! Dinner at Noodles & Co and dessert served by Beall staff at Marble Slab Creamery at the Town Center 10/3 Please mention Beall ES to the cashier!!!
  • Walk to School Day - 10/9 @ 8:25 am Meet up at Manakee Circle, Welsh Park & Laird & W. Montgomery Ave. Get ready to smile for the City's cameras in front of the school!
  • Dragon Movie Night! 10/17 @ 7 pm. Title of Movie TBA.
  • Join us for a thought provoking screening & discussion of the movie Bully 10/22 @ 7:15 pm

Advocacy Update

Public comments to the City Council are being taken tonight 9/30 for the proposed changes to Rockville's Adequate Public Facilities Standards (APFS). Do you think our Cluster can handle any more children added to our already overcrowded schools?...Did you know that the Montgomery County Council is planning to cut the Capital Improvement Programs (CIP) Budget for MCPS? Make sure that our RM Cluster will get a RMES#5 approved and funded this year in the CIP budget! Talk to your County Council members and tell them firmly what you think about delaying this project. It has been delayed for two years already to 8/2017. Want to help with advocacy? Email Tida Violante <[email protected]>.


Recess/Lunch HELP! & Staff Wish Lists

Hey, do you want to know what the school needs help with the most??? Wait, for it... Lunch and recess volunteers! Bet you never heard about that before! Get more info here, and go in to the school to volunteer! Teachers' Wish Lists are usually posted on their classroom doors or email them and ask. But here are some from the non-homeroom teachers.

  • Wish List for Cheryl Ruffa/ESOL/K'ner teacher: new or gently used CD player, headphones, rocking chair and rug.
  • Wish List for Sun Kim/ESOL/1st & 2nd grade teacher: rug, headphones, magnetic letters & gently used cookie sheets
  • Wish List for Liz Edlind/Art teacher: hand soap & sponges for cleaning art tables.

Make your little Dragon proud!

Do you children a favor, ask a friend to go with you to the PTA meeting on 10/1. Be engaged and aware of the opportunities to be a part of the Dragon community! Make sure you have become a PTA member! Lastly, email your homeroom teachers and see if they need a helping hand!

Like us at where we post photos and give you short reminders!

Go Dragons!

Beall PTA


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