Meetings for the Schematic Design of JWMS Addition

Good news! The design process of the addition for JWMS is now under way. Please let your elementary and preschool communities know about this! These meetings are open to the public and will include MCPS, the architectural firm, interested staff and parents. They will discuss in detail each planned space. The committee is working from Option 1 from the 2011 Feasibility Study which is a two story addition and extra cafeteria space. Each meeting is expected to be 1.5 hours and held at JWMS.

Session 1 - October 9 @ 3 pm

Session 2- October 24 @ 7 pm

Session 3 - November 7 @ 3 pm

Session 4 - November 21 @ 7 pm

Session 5 - December 10 @ 7 pm - A 15 minute final summary presentation at the JWMS PTSA meeting.

Not included in the plan is a new bus loop and (as an add alternative) a second lunch line so your presence at the final meeting is critical to make sure that the bus loop is included in the final comments. A new bus loop and a second lunch line are needed to accommodate the number of projected students of 1400-1500. The addition is scheduled to be done in 8/2016.

Here's the timeline for the entire addition project:

Schematic Design: Fall/Winter 2013 & Preliminary Plans Brochure presented to BOE

Design Development: Spring/Summer 2014

Bid: November 2014

Construction (1.5 years): 1/2015-8/2016

Click here to download a copy of the 2011 Feasibility Study for the Addition. 

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