Jump out of the Rat Race

We have gathered some documents that are helpful tool from producers of Race to Nowhere. Please click on the titles to download them. 

*If Homework Isn’t Helpful, What Is?

  • Family meals. According to a study conducted by Columbia University, when compared to teens who have five to seven family dinners per week, those who have fewer than three meals per week are one and a half times more likely to report getting mostly C’s or lower grades in school.
  • Reading. Several studies suggest reading for pleasure is a better predictor of test scores than quantity of homework, yet a 2006 Scholastic/Yankelovich study found that reading for pleasure declines sharply after age eight. The number one reason: too much homework.
  • Schools can eliminate or reduce homework. The following schools are among those that have eliminated homework or limited homework to afterschool reading: *Refer to our website for more schools that have addressed homework. Bloomfield Middle School, Bloomfield, MO; Grant Elementary School, Glenrock, WY; Helendale Elementary and Middle Schools, Helendale, CA; VanDamme Academy K-8, Aliso Viejo, CA; Nottingham East Academy, Nottingham,UK; Oak Knoll Elementary School, Menlo Park, CA; Tiffin Boys’ School in Kingston, London, UK --- and we know that our neighbor Gaithersburg Elementary School did! 
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