Beall's Technology Drive

What does the PTA want to purchase with your donations? One of our goals is to get an ELMO Projector in each classroom.

A type of document camera that displays documents and other objects that are not translucent, and uses a projector to display the image on a large screen so that an entire classroom of children can see at the same time. It differs from a projector in that what is (click on news to read more...)

being projected is often 3-dimensional, moving or changing (like a clip from the Internet, or a stopwatch counting down, or a worm wiggling!) Ask your child to tell you how cool it is!

See for yourself! Go here to see what an ELMO document projector does for a classroom <> or come to the Media Center or the next PTA meeting to see it in person. 

The teachers who have access to an ELMO today love it because it provides them access to cutting edge technology that enhances the children’s educational experience. But to incorporate it in lesson plans – on a regular and consistent basis – it cannot be shared with other teachers for limited periods. Right now, our school has about 20 ELMOS --- that's 15 more than last year partly because of PTA funds!!!! Teachers are forced to share the ELMOs.

WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP? Make a donation by buying raffle tickets. Each ticket is $5. Your contribution is 100% tax deductible. Each ELMO and projector costs approximately $1,200.00. 

Donate via credit card online today at



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