Box Tops collection has started

Welcome Back!  We are starting off the New Year with our annual Box Top drive.  This year, the contest will run through Friday, February 2nd and the top three classes will receive prizes.  Did you know that each Box Top has a value of ten cents?  That means fifty Box Tops equals $5 for the school!  Additional information and participating items can be located at  There is also a new Box Top app that can be used to earn extra money for our school.  These points can be included in the contest by sending in a screenshot from the app, or emailing a screen shot to [email protected]. 
Here you can download the contest flyer and Box Top collection sheet .
We will also need LOTS of hands to help with counting the Box Tops after the drive ends.  If you are interested in helping with that effort, please also contact Katherine! 
Happy clipping!
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