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  • Family Membership (2 parents/guardians/other): $50
  • Individual Membership (1 parent/guardian/other): $30
  • Teachers & Staff Membership: $15. (Note for Teachers/Staff: Go to Teacher/Staff donation page here).

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October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Carnegie Mellon University's Information Networking Institute with funding from the National Science Foundation have built a Cyber Academy for 4th and 5th graders.

For rainy inside days, the Cyber Academy is a great game to visit and gain some new cyber skills.

"Welcome to the Carnegie Cyber Academy, the most prestigious cyber defense training facility in the world. My name is Commander Omni. I am the school's dean.

At the Academy, we train our cadets in online safety so that they can protect themselves and others from the attacks of malicious Cyber Villains. The Internet is a growing part of our daily lives. It is my hope that future generations will be able to continue exploring Cyberspace in a safe and secure way."

Bill Newhouse
Soccer player & fan; gov't engineer; West Coast Swing dancer; Volleyball player; Choir tenor