Beall ES 2018 Book Fair (November 8th-13th)

The Book Fair is coming November 8th, 9th, 12th & 13th. This is a multi-day event, so we need a lot of help to pull it off. We are looking for volunteers to set up, help the kids make selections, organize and restock shelves, run the registers at the fair and pack it up again. Here is the link to sign up to volunteer: click here

Does your child want to buy books at the Fair, but you don't want to send in cash that might get lost? eWallet is for you. Now you can set up an account online that puts a hold on your credit card for your desired amount. Your child may spend up to the amount in the account, and you are only charged for whatever your child spends! Check out Beall's Scholastic website for more information on eWallet: click here

The 12th and 13th are Parent Teacher conference days, so you can shop the fair when you come for the conference. If you volunteer, you will have even more opportunity to check out the offerings and shop. The proceeds go back to Beall and allow teachers to buy books and items for their classrooms. 

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