Artsonia for Kids' Art

Mrs. Edlind, Beall's Art Teacher, will be sending out permission slips to parents who have not signed up for Artsonia next week.  Artsonia is an optional program in which you can view your child's artwork online < >as well as see work from other students at Beall. Directions on how to sign up are directly on the website or send the slip back to Mrs. Edlind with your email address clearly written on it. She will enter your child as having been granted permission to be a part of Artsonia.  Students can write statements about their work and friends and family can also add their comments and encouragement to the young artists. The gift store will show you how you can see your child's art on items for sale such as cards, mugs, and t-shirts. 20% of the proceeds goes back to Beall's art program for special art supplies. Anyone interested in helping photograph artwork or volunteer in the classrooms should contact Mrs. Edlind <[email protected]>.

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