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Beall Staff

Thank you for joining and supporting the Beall PTA!

Teacher/Staff Membership is discounted to $15 per member. Staff Memberships are allowed to request classroom supplies reimbursement up to $100/year. 

Your membership includes a printed school directory in November 2019, as well as access to the online directory for all of school year 2019-2020. The online directory now includes the new "digital backpack" which provides teachers the ability to upload classroom forms, paperwork, etc., that parents can then access as needed (for example, if the paper forms sent home in their students' folders get lost, misplaced, etc.).   

Thank you for your support! And to make an additional donation to support Beall Elementary, click here!

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Thank you for your purchase!

Thank your for purchasing your yearbook online. You will receive an email confirmation. Please forward the email to Liza Ford <[email protected]> indicating 1. the name of your child and 2. grade and name of the homeroom teacher so that the yearbook will be delivered to the correct person.

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Parent or Guardian

Thank you for joining and supporting the Beall PTA! Membership options are as follows:

  • Family Membership (2 parents/guardians/other): $50
  • Individual Membership (1 parent/guardian/other): $30
  • Teachers & Staff Membership: $15. (Note for Teachers/Staff: Go to Teacher/Staff donation page here).

To view Membership Benefits, click here.

And to make an additional donation to support Beall Elementary, click here!

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Q: What else can the PTA do to support the school's staff?
A: I think the PTA could hold a training for Room Parents to help them support the teachers and be liasons to get more parents involved with helping the teachers.

How are we doing?

In order for the PTA Board to do a better job serving our Dragon community, please take less than 5 minutes to answer the following questions. We greatly appreciate your feedback! Names of responders will be kept confidential but you may check below if you want to have your responses displayed on the website or not. By filling out a survey, your name will be entered to win a drawing for a $25 gift certificate to Mamma Lucia. Last day to respond and be entered into the raffle is January 15, 2013. 

The PTA has provided services such as communications (such as Dragon Dateline Newsletter, Fridge Notes, the listserv & eblasts), workshops (such as Race to Nowhere, Sexuality communications), community events (such picnics, Dragon Men workshops, dance/sock hop), support the school's staff (gifts, social/food events, Staff Appreciation Week and financial reimbursements for classroom related supplies), raise funds for the school to cover for items that MCPS do not have money to pay for (Mixed Bags, Dine Out and Book Fair) and many other important events and issues such as advocacy with the Board of Education, hold a Science Expo, maintain the Butterfly Garden, create a school directory and yearbook, coordinate after school classes (Legos, Mad Science, sports), etc. We want to know what you think is worthwhile and important.  

We appreciate your time!

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Become a volunteer

There are many ways to help out both at school and from home. Sign up below to let us know your interests.