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Box Top for Education Contest

We are kicking off 2012 with our Box Tops contest!  In an effort to increase what we earn through the program, we will be holding a collection contest during the month of January.  Last year we earned approximately $1259, but we can do better! Our contest will run from January 1st to January 31st,  2012.  The three classes that collect the most Box Tops by the deadline of Monday January 31st  will earn a reward of $25 for first place and $15 for second and third, for the class to be used as they see fit. Please send in valid labels to your classrooms! Questions can be addressed to Janet Brown <>. Click here for the flyer.

MCPS Operating Budget

Update on MCPS Operating Budget


Superintendent Joshua P. Starr released his proposed Operating Budget on December 7th.   Provided below is an overview of 1) the Proposed Operating Budget; 2) the Operating Budget Process; 3) County Level Funding Issues and 4) State Level Funding Issues. Posted to the left are opportunities to advocate at the County and State level in support of education funding. The Board of Education will vote on the Operating Budget on February 14. We encourage MCCPTA Area Vice-Presidents, Cluster Coordinators and others to meet with your respective Councilmembers, as well as At-Large Councilmembers - in addition to attending public forums - even earlier to support funding for our schools. We will post an early round of talking points for advocacy in the coming week.  


View the budget in its entirety


The Superintendent's Proposed FY 2013 Operating Budget

The $2.13 billion budget request represents a 2% ($41 million) increase over last year's budget, and is the lowest requested increase in more than a decade. The budget meets the state's "Maintenance of Effort" (MOE) law, which imposes a penalty if a county fails to fund education at the same per pupil level as the year before (taking into account increases in enrollment). This proposed budget assumes the same level of local per pupil funding as last year. It also assumes the County will be responsible for the $26 million state penalty - should it ultimately be imposed - stemming from the County's failure to meet MOE last year and its unilateral decision to withdraw its request for a waiver. This action enabled the County to lower significantly its per pupil funding obligation. 


(Click on the news tab to see the entire article from MCCPTA.) Read more

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