Advocacy re: MCPS 2018-19 school calendar discussion

For those families that may have missed the PTA meeting or e-mail from MCPS, it is important to be aware that the Board of Education is currently evaluating options for the 2018-2019 school year calendar, with BIG CHANGES. 
Due to:
  • Governor Larry Hogan's requirement that the school year start AFTER Labor Day (first Monday in September), and end no later than June 15th,
  • while still achieving the required 180 minimum instructional days and holidays required by law,
there is a real possibility that the next school year calendar will remove certain days off and professional days, AND possibly even shorten or entirely remove Spring Break. How do you feel about your kids having fewer days off next year?  How about no Spring Break??  Planning to travel over Spring Break in 2019?  Maybe you'll need to reconsider.
A good overview of the issues and options is here:
The link above gives the option of leaving feedback for the BOE at the bottom of the page.  However, if you would like to comment to the Governor directly about the hard start and end times he has set, or to the General Assembly about the mandated number of days built in, NOW is the time to express your opinions about this matter. The time to communicate those opinions is NOW.  Consider asking the Governor to rescind his executive order mandating hard start and end dates, and let the public school systems make their own calendar decisions.
If it's important to you, it's time to speak.  Here is a link to write to the governor about this issue:


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