The Superintendent's CIP Recommendations

During the last school year, MCPS commissioned a study to address overcrowding at Beall with a new building addition for more classrooms (not gym space, cafeteria or library space). Click here to download the report. To see the report from Julius West Middle School and the proposed Elementary School #5, please go to MCPS's site. From these reports, the Superintendent recommended new capital improvements. That report can be found here. In sum, the recommendations are 1. a new E.S#5 at the Hungerford Park site and 2. an addition at JWMS.

For the English version of the email "The Future of Beall" click here.  For the CHINESE version, click here.  For the SPANISH version, click here. Thank you to Zhen Tao and Anamaria Viezaga for their translations!

If you would like to contact the Board of Education, to support the Superintendent's recommendations, please email:

If you would like to contact your County Council to provide more funds for our schools, please find the info below:

County Council:

Valerie Ervin, District 5, Council President

Roger Berliner, District 1, Council Vice President

Phil Andrews, District 3

Nancy Navarro, District 4

Craig Rice, District 2

Marc Elrich, At-Large

Nancy Floreen, At-Large

George Leventhal, At-Large

Hans Riemer, At-Large

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